We start by listening to you.  In our first discussion, we’ll ask you about your marketing objectives, your industry, competitors, what makes your business unique and who you are trying to reach.

Brand & Logo Design

Branding is key to your success.  It is the sum total of all perceptions that people have about your company.  A memorable and trustworthy brand reinforces customer loyalty.

Marketing Plan

Our in-depth questionnaire is a tool to help us identify your vision for your marketing plan.  We will ask you to describe your goals, color preferences, specific points of interest, etc, to help us fulfil your needs in creating a marketing campaign suited to your business needs.

Campaign Launch

Campaign Launch is when we set the wheels in motion.  We have the plan, now its time to create new business and stimulate your existing customers.  Persistent and consistent marketing works.  We provide the marketing implementation and guidance you need to unlock your own potential and skyrocket your business.


We will support you in every step of the process including, but not limited to: hand holding, gentle reminders, and sometimes nagging, if needed.


Following up and following through with clients is key. Showing true concern for clients creates loyalty.  Gaining feed back allows us to fine tune and find better ways to improve your business.